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Decorating Tips – Before You Start

Tip #1 - Define Your Scope & Goals
This is done through a process known as scope and goal setting. It will add an amazing amount of clarity to your decision making once you get into implementing your interior decorating ideas.

Your scope is a brief statement describing your project. For example, you might write, "Decorate the living room in a Traditional Style by December 31".

Tip #2 - Define Your Budget
Establish a budget for your project. How much will it cost to turn your home interior decorating ideas into reality? To create your budget, list the cost of materials, services, building permits, etc., in as much detail as possible.

Once you arrive at your total, add 10%-20% as a contingency to cover unexpected costs.

As you progress in your decorating project, it is important that you frequently compare your budget against your actual spending. It would not be unusual for your goals to change in mid-stream, but this way there won't be any financial surprises.

Tip #3 - Find Your Decorating Style
Is your Style Traditional, Casual, Contemporary, or Eclectic?

Tip #4 - Lay Out Your Floor Plan
The next step is to lay out the floor plan for each area to be decorated. Using a pencil and graph paper, make a drawing that represents the length and width of the design space. Be sure to indicate the location of windows, doors, and other architectural elements.

Tip #5 - Identify Your Focal Points
A focal point gives the eye an initial point of interest so that it can begin to take in the interior landscape of a room with ease. It can be an eye-catching architectural element such as a fireplace, large bay windows, or built-in book shelves.

If your room is architecturally challenged, you'll have to create a focal point. This isn't difficult to do. An imposing piece of furniture, such as an armoire or wall unit, can fill the bill. Or perhaps you have a large painting or decorative rug that might work.

The key to remember is that you MUST identify or create a strong focal point in each room that you decorate. This will be your starting point for arranging your furniture.

It will also make your decorating effort easier because you will arrange your conversation area so that the eye will flow naturally from it to the focal point.

Tip #6 - Use Your Imagination
As you already know, decorating is part art. Therefore, your imagination and creativity are essential to bringing life to your decorating project.

Even if you don't use one idea in totality, you may find yourself taking elements from several ideas and creating something unique.


Decorating Tips



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