Debbie’s Sewing Interiors – Interior and Exterior Design and Window Treatments in Santa Clarita, CA

We are available Monday thru Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Debbie’s Sewing and Interiors welcomes you to our website. We are located in Santa Clarita, CA, and provide superior design expertise and a passion with which we create tastefully designed interiors in a variety of traditional, eclectic and contemporary styles. Debbie’s Sewing and Interiors is all about what its name implies – artfully designed interiors. We specialize in Window Treatments, Draperies, Cushions, Decorative Pillows and Upholstery. We have a great selection of fabrics.  Our design style is nothing less and nothing more than a collaborative effort between the client and the designer. The client’s requirements and wishes combined with our unique vision and artistic creativity is always equal to a one of a kind design.

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When Selecting an Interior Decorator In Santa Clarita, CA

  • When you live in the Santa Clarita area and need to select a designer, choose one who has a similar decorating and design style as yours. Debbie’s Sewing and Interiors is local and has a great portfolio for you to see.  This way you’ll know you both are heading in the same direction.
  • We have a lot of different types of styles for you to see. We aren’t a one trick pony.  We are more than happy to share and show our accomplishments. If you like the room in a photograph, ask us how much it costs to decorate/design. We have more than photos, we have cushions, furniture, draperies and much more that you can see for yourself.
  • Always ask for references during the interview. And call thm for your top two or three sections. Debbie’s Sewing and Interiors has a vast client list both past and present.
  • We are great at listening. You should feel comfortable that your vision is not being replaced by our vision. Give us a call and we can schedule a time to go over your ideas. We are conveniently located in Santa Clarita, CA.
  • Before you meet with the Debbies Sewing and Interiors, gather your magazines pictures, and fabric, carpet, or other samples. This will help jump start the conversation and ensure that we see your vision.
  • Let us know your budget. Are you looking to save money, then ask what we can do to keep cost down. We can work with you.  Give us a call today.